Who We Are

Started in 1960’s in Florence, Italy, as one of the first buying offices in a world, Intercommis has evolved into being fashion development & production consultancy office and is nowdays working hand to hand with the international retail business owners assisting them to:

  • Avoid the confusion in selecting among the variety of vendors in Italy and worldwide
  • Eliminate the stress of mediating with counterparties at any stage of product development and production
  • Meet and resolve inevitable challenges with a perspective to deliver the outcome the client needs.
Based on the knowledge on how fashion industry works, product’s development process  and productive chain, the understanding of market players’ strengths and weaknesses – we create tailored solutions in accordance with your needs.Markets within our portfolio include but are not limited to:
  • Footwear of all types
  • Bags and Accessories: belts, hats, gloves, tights & socks etc.
  • Clothing
  • Leather
Working with us as your Product Development & Production partner frees your precious time to focus on other aspects of your project or business, confident in the knowledge that we deliver quality solution and follow-up the process.

Our Mission

Intercommis is leading you to get a superior tailored product at best terms with no waste of time on your side.We achieve goals where others give up and we do our job with responsibility, passion and sense of humor.We do not apply “one size fits all” approach with our clients and we will offer you as much or as little support as you need for your development and growth.

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Who We Work With

You might recognize yourself in one the companies described below or you might have a different profile  - in any case you will have all the support we can provide to assure your growth and stability.


Find a long-term partner which will assist you in your Brand's growth

  • 360 degrees support at any stage of product design, development & production
  • Assistance in market research & analysis to identify the optimal product


Create a collaboration to support your Brand’s expansion

  • Assistance in market research & analysis to identify the right product which would distinguish you from the competition
  • Support in product development & production, including research for the right material suppliers and manufacturers to assure the best quality product at the most attractive price
  • Negotiations on existing and future agreements to get better terms & conditions


Establish a partnership for your Brand’s further growth and stability

  • Revising and modifying suppliers portfolio in order to get the best possible quality at the best price
  • Negotiations on existing agreements to get better terms
  • Constant research on the new products, designs and  materials in order to propose new product type or new  items into your goods’ pipeline
  • Scheduling your visits to attend vendors, main manufacturers and principal shows.

Our Services

MARKET SEARCH & ANALYSISPrompt Identification Of Trends Essential To Your Business Growth

  • Tracing general market trends and consumers buying patterns by different markets (Northern and Southern Europe, Russia, Asia, U.S.A., Australia): every single market has its own distinguishing features to be seriously considered while planning the collections
  •  Attending all significant shows and events in Italy (Pitti Uomo, WHITE Milano, MIPEL, MICAM, Linea Pelle, Expo Riva Shuh) referring to clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and leather production
  •  Track and predict fashion trends via professional publications, historical data and sales reports, top stylists and fashion blogs reports and latest fashion shows

BEST VENDORS’ IDENTIFICATIONOver 50 Years Of Experience In Interaction With Manufacturers

  • Tracking the existing and new vendors in Italy and abroad
  • Monitoring new fabrics, developments, processes, machinery and executions to make sure we are up to speed with the ultimate developments in our field
  • Identifying the best possible manufacturer for each product, considering the full range of factors (quality, pricing, delivery terms, credibility)
  • Establishing tailored arrangements with manufacturers

SELECTION & BUYING ASSISTANCEIdeal Product Line Created Together With You

  • Identifying the best-selling items and current consumers requests based on regular contacts with market players and their selling data
  • Together with you we are previewing and selecting the items from existing and coming collections
  • Samples fitting, modifying parameters and materials to assure the best look, fitting and price-quality ratio
  • Organizing an optimal itinerary during your visit to Italy not to waste time and efforts
  • We may advise you on selecting the best suppliers for any additional product features, including packaging, lining, metal fittings and other accessories in order to assure the best quality possible at your budget


  • Representing you interests at any aspect of the deal, such as pricing, delivery terms and conditions, exclusivity rights etc.
  • Creative solutions to get better terms, taking into consideration “the whole package” of terms such as: timing, volumes, shipment etc.

PRODUCTION & QUALITY CONTROL, SHIPMENT ASSISTANCEDaily Contacts & Quick Reaction To Constant Changes

Production follow-up at every single step:

  • Elaboration of the prototype / confirmation sample
  • Production control and final product quality assurance
Management on delivery to distribution centers

Our Team

Our business is about finding the right solutions for our clients, which would not be possible without the proper team experienced in different business fields.We have established a great team with a track record in retail, fashion product development & production, logistics and economy. Our exposure to both commercial and industrial settings over the past years has brought us  to think strategically and pragmatically, positioning Intercommis as a team able to imagine, create, connect and direct efforts towards tangible objectives and strategic targets set forth.We speak fluently in English, Italian and Russian languages.The clients have always appreciated the service we have delivered. Ultimately our partnership is even more valuable since now it is not always possible to cross the boarders due to Covid-19 pandemic situation. We continue to assist the implementation of all the goals the clients have set forth, such as models development, materials selection and etc, even without clients being physically present in Italy.  We have also achieved great results in negotiating better terms and conditions of procurement and managed orders’ placements and in-time production even under quarantine conditions and immediately after the lockdown.

Simone Giannelli

Simone has over 30 years experience in commerce and starting from 1995 he is an integral part of Intercommis. The Intercommis’ founder, Dr. Marcello Penni has been a mentor to Simone and during the years of close collaboration has passed on to Simone all his impressive knowledge and skills accumulated since 1960s.Today Simone is well-known and highly appreciated by a great number of clients and manufacturers in Italy and aborad.Whilst being absolutely passionate about what he does, Simone had consulted a variety of international brands on their product research, development & production.The markets Simone has been working with include Austria, Germany, U.S.A., U.K., Russia and C.I.S countries, Czech Republic, China, Taiwan and this experience provides him with a deep knowledge about each of those market’s particularities which are to be considered at product development stage.

Svetlana Perfilyeva

Svetlana holds honours degree in Finance and Credit of Moscow Finance Academy under the Government of Russian Federation followed by a consulting career within Jones Lang LaSalle and Cushman & Wakefield in Moscow, Russia.She has consulted a number of large Russian and international firms, such as Citibank, Intel, UBS, Synopsis, Vympelcom, Uniastrum Bank and others in regards to their corporate real estate strategy development and location strategy, including identification and acquisition of properties in Russia and CIS. Svetlana has been also advising Russian and international developers on large-scale developments.In 2009 Svetlana moved to Florence, Italy and is now actively involved into research and analysis part of Intercommis’ s activities and communications with our international clients.Native Russian speaker, Svetlana is fluent in English and Italian.

Why To Work With Us




What differs us from others:

Knowledge on fashion industry functioning in Italy & worldwide

Over 50 years of experience in fashion development & production

Indepth knowledge of market players’ and manufacturers’ strenghs & withnesses

Balanced portfolio of vendors and manufacturers

Day-to-day access to market insights

Once we’ve known you better, we’d like to provide a more detailed proposal on our potential input into your business. Just leave your contacts here so that we could get in touch with you.


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